3 Bar Set of Greek Yogurt Soap

Freshly made with real Greek Yogurt for healthier skin!

Our creamy, smooth, refreshing, extra moisturizing Greek Yogurt soaps are lush with lather and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

This unique Greek Yogurt soap will help keep your skin glowing and nourished, and it can be used on your face as well as your body!

This entire collection has added organic Greek Yogurt, naturally rich in alpha hydroxy acid, that removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and rejuvenate the complexion.

The yogurt will help nourish the under a layer of skin while you’re buffing off dry skin cells. Unlike harsher exfoliants, yogurt soap can be used every day!

Our collection includes one bar each of:

Cucumber Lime

Lemon Spice

Tropical Garden

Every bar is made by hand to ensure the highest quality of each batch.

Ingredients include Organic Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Pasteurized non-fat milk, cream, sugar, honey and real Greek Yogurt.


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