About Us
At the YesterYear Soap Company, we are preserving the timeless craft of artisan soap making. With our hand crafted soap you’ll enjoy its moisturizing, cleansing and soothing benefits- all natural soap without added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fragrances.

Bringing fresh, innovative soap products to the marketplace is the principal goal of the YesterYear Soap Company. With a variety of design concepts, we use an assortment of resources to bring a fresh approach to a simple product that has been around for thousands of years. From using eco-friendly bamboo for soap cutters to offering unique fragrances such as ‘Mountain Air’ we are always looking for ways to bring our customers an exceptional experience when it comes to an ordinary product: soap.

Our soaps are made from all natural vegetable oils, scented with pure essential oils from plant extracts and colored with organic herbs. We use no synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives in any of our soap products.
The result is a gentle bar suitable for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin.